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[SPORT TV>] Streaming: Northland vs. Otago Live 10/09/2023

“By working with communities to interweave mātauranga (Māori knowledge) and Pacific traditional ecological knowledge with insights from this study, we will gain a greater understanding of parāoa and the impacts they are facing, so that traditionally-important connections may persist and thrive into the future. ” Rayment adds that acknowledging the relationships coastal communities have with parāoa will help to promote the physical and spiritual health of those people and their connectedness with te taiao (the environment). Research collaborations will continue with Whalewatch Kaikōura and the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust, and in Northland new surveys will be undertaken in collaboration with the Far Out Ocean Research Collective. The system of submarine canyons incising the Otago shelf is now regarded as reliable year-round habitat for parāoa, and data collection will be conducted using the University of Otago’s research vessels.

“This data will hopefully allow us to get a better sense of the whakapapa of the individual whales in the study, and to understand questions around “Nō hea rātou? ” - where are the whales in Aotearoa coming from - and who else in the Pacific are their whanaunga? ” “This data will hopefully allow us to get a better sense of the whakapapa of the individual whales in the study, and to understand questions around “Nō hea rātou? ” - where are the whales in Aotearoa coming from - and who else in the Pacific are their whanaunga (relations)? ” Piecing together such connections sits at the core of the project, and Alexander explains her interest in the project also draws parallels to our own existence. “Much like our tupuna (ancestors), parāoa use the moana as a highway to get around. And connections between parāoa in Aotearoa and elsewhere reflect the connections we as humans have in Aotearoa with our Pacific whānau.

"I was on that road today with my two little ones in the car. This makes me feel ill. We could have been killed, " wrote another. Many took to the comment section to urge the person who recorded the video to report the dangerous driving to police. A police spokesperson told 1News that "without a date/time we can't check whether a complaint was laid and any follow-up action taken". They added that the person driving the campervan was displaying "very concerning" driving behaviour. "Police urge anyone who observes dangerous driving to report it to police on 111 if it's happening now, or 105 after the fact.

Otago Team | OTAGO | Match, Live Score, NewsOtagoNDOTAGOMatch yet to beginCANTOTAGOMatch yet to beginOTAGOCDMatch yet to beginOTAGONDMatch yet to beginAUCKOTAGOMatch yet to beginNDOTAGOMatch yet to beginAUCKOTAGOMatch yet to beginCDOTAGOMatch yet to beginCANTOTAGOMatch yet to beginCANTOTAGOMatch yet to beginTop Run ScorersIn last one year631Innings: 14Average: 45. 07529Innings: 14Average: 37. 78451Innings: 14Average: 32. 21Top Wicket TakersIn last one year32Innings: 15Average: 29. 0921Innings: 12Average: 33. 1917Innings: 13Average: 40.

Otago Rugby Football Union - HOME Welcome to the official website of Otago Rugby Union. Jona Nareki - 50th Game - North Harbour vs Otago (06.09.23) Jona made his debut against

Watch: Campervan repeatedly crosses centre line on road near DunedinTeeth-clenching footage was posted to a Facebook community page yesterday showing a campervan repeatedly crossing the centre line on a road near Dunedin. The three-minute long video was posted by an anonymous user to a Port Chalmers community Facebook page. "If you are travelling between Port and Aramoana any time soon, Take care please, " the post was captioned. The video was taken from a car following the campervan — which can be seen driving on the wrong side of the road around blind corners on a narrow coastal road. People commenting on the Facebook post were shocked at the driving on display. "Its amazing that someone could be that bad would you believe it unless it was filmed? " one person commented.

“Even over these 10 years, however, which is not that long considering that sperm whales live for more than 50 or 60 years, we have seen some substantial changes in their population, and it has become clear how fluctuations in their abundance can really impact whale-watching tourism in the area. ” Guerra says the number of parāoa seen at Kaikōura is declining, and possible drivers could include climate-mediated changes in local oceanographic conditions, or impacts on other parts of the whales’ range such as their presumed migratory destinations to the north of New Zealand. “There are still many questions about their population that remain unanswered, and while Kaikōura is certainly an important hotspot for these animals, they are wide ranging nomads who spend much of their time in other regions around the deep moana, following movements which are yet unknown to us.

It is intended that research outputs will also support the sustainability of Kaikōura’s whale-watching industry, as well as inform future marine policy in Aotearoa. The study also coincides with the upcoming review on the moratorium on whale watch permits administered by the Department of Conservation. The Centre of Research Excellence Coastal People: Southern Skies, led by co-Directors Professor Chris Hepburn and Associate Professor Anne-Marie Jackson, was formally established in 2021. The Centre’s mission is to connect, understand and restore coastal ecosystems through transformative research and local action, with mauri ora (flourishing wellness) of coastal communities guiding its overall vision.

Southland on TV - Rugby Fixtures, TV Schedules & What channel is the Southland game on and can I live stream it? The next Southland game is being shown live on Sky Sports Arena. Live streams are

GOLD Sport ScheduleGOLD Sport Schedule GOLD SPORT is New Zealand's home for LIVE sport commentary. Bunnings NPC Wednesday, 30 August 20237:05pm - Auckland v Manawatu Friday, 1 September 20237:05pm - Northland v Hawkes Bay Saturday, 2 September 20232:05pm - Canterbury v Taranaki4:35pm - North Harbour v Waikato 7:05pm - Wellington v Counties Manukau Sunday, 3 September 20232:05pm - Southland v Auckland 4:35pm - Tasman v Manawatu Sport Podcasts Rugby Direct Want more rugby action? Download the Rugby Direct Podcast on iHeart Radio.

Rugby Union Show All Watch World Cup 2023. New Zealand International More. Live Now2; Today2; Tomorrow8; Later2; Outrights & Futures17. Live

” “At the same time, human activity is making the ocean a more difficult place for parāoa and other marine life. So having a greater understanding of where our whales are coming from, and how they are related to each other, will help us understand the threats they face here and on their way to our shores, and help facilitate tiaki (protection) to mitigate these threats.

” Historical and cultural relationships with parāoa will also be central to the expanded research project, which will combine contemporary research and traditional ecological knowledge. “Our aim is to empower and learn from communities that have important relationships with parāoa, including hearing from tohunga (experts) to better acknowledge other forms of knowledge regarding these whales, ” Rayment says.

Southland on TV - Rugby Fixtures, TV Schedules & Live StreamsDISCLAIMER: WherestheMatch. com holds no responsibility for any match information that is incorrect. Whilst we do our very best to make sure our Rugby on TV schedules and supporting TV rights content are accurate as of today, users should always check with the official broadcaster for confirmation of the upcoming live match. Registered Company: WherestheMatch Ltd, First Floor, 264 Manchester Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 3RB, United Kingdom | Company No. 06683937 | VAT No.

Bunnings NPC LIVE: Bunnings NPC: TAR v TAS. Sky Sport Select • Rugby Union • G. Sat, 9 Sep, 7:00 pm. LIVE coverage of the Bunnings NPC. Taranaki take on Tasman


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